Five Easy Ways to Thank Essential Workers

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   One blessing of this mutual COVID experience is that essential workers are finally being recognized for the amazing work they do to keep us all healthy, happy, and educated! For so long they’ve been the forgotten sector of our economy but we now all realize what a vital role they play in keeping us all going.

Who are Essential Workers?

   Of course, what first comes to mind are healthcare workers, first responders, teachers, and postal employees but look at your average daily activities and you’ll see lots more folks working hard in jobs that are now a little more difficult. Think of the grocery store workers, delivery drivers, gas station folks, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, and everyone else providing us with services to keep going. They’ve all stepped up to help us and now it’s our turn to help them!

Try these five easy tips for showing your appreciation. 

  1. Recognize them, acknowledge them, and say thank you! Smile with your eyes, be patient with everyone you encounter, and be an ally for frontline workers when you see them encountering resistance. Ask how they’re doing, share a happy story with them, and give them space to vent if they need it. A little kindness goes a long way when we’re all stressed out.
  2. Show your love with a sign. We’ve all seen the hearts on windows and the cute messages of appreciation being shared by our kiddos. Keep that going with handmade posters in your windows or sent right to the offices of your favorite frontline worker. Or draw messages with chalk outside of the buildings where these folks work so they’ll see it every day.
  3. Write a thank you note. This is a great lesson for the kids (and a sneaky writing and reading practice). Make your own notes with construction paper and write a short and simple “Thank You”. If you don’t know the name of the worker, just address it to the department. (Hint, don’t lick the envelope but use a damp sponge or piece of tape to seal it up). If you’re able, include a gift card to a local restaurant or shop so they can treat themselves.
  4. Send a special thank you gift. A simple surprise always brightens the day! We’d like to suggest a box of healthy snacks to fuel these folks’ very important work. We’ve assembled a great selection of treats that are packed with nutrition but also yummy and friendly for food allergies and special diets. Choose from our Vegan, Gluten- and Dairy-Free, or Keto boxes. Each is stuffed with delicious, unique snacks (that we’ve personally taste-tested and curated). We’ll deliver it right to their desk or door in a cute box with a personalized message inside. These boxes make a great department gift because there’s something for everyone. Shop here.
  5. Organize a group or community thank you event. This one’s a little bigger lift but it can be fun for everyone. Plan for a certain day and gather up your friends (in a safe, socially distant manner); decorate your cars (or bikes) with thank you signs and drive by or park at the location of your favorite essential workers. Clap, honk, sing, or do whatever inspires you to make them smile. This works especially well for clinics and schools if you time it for when the shifts end for the day.

Bonus idea! Don’t forget their families! A lot of these essential workers are working extra long days on top of juggling their own kids and family lives. If you’re able, offer to help around the house or yard or drop off a few groceries or gift for the kids. Better yet, offer to babysit for a couple hours so everyone can get a rest and recharge.

We’ve heard the phrase “we’re all in this together” a lot these days! But here at The Good Grocer, we truly believe it. We know that even the smallest act of kindness will have a big ripple effect and we encourage all of you to take one small action each day to spread the love. And then, we will get through this together!



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