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   Whether it’s a special occasion like a birthday or just an “I’ve been thinking of you moment”, these quarantine days can really use some small acts of kindness. And nothing beats getting a surprise package from someone you love!

   But shopping and giving from a distance can be a challenge. With a little creative energy and some good online tools, your present can be the bright spot in someone’s day. Try these tips on how to choose a meaningful and interesting quarantine gift.

Food. Always Pick Food.

   One thing that we’ve all come to realize during quarantine . . . grocery shopping, cooking dinner EVERY night, and keeping the kids fed is really not our favorite thing. You can only bake so much banana bread, right? And any household with teenagers knows the need for snacks is never ending!

   Luckily, The Good Grocer has you covered for this one! Gifting food – delicious, nutritious, diet-friendly food -- has never been easier! Just pick their favorites (Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Keto, All-Natural) and we’ll deliver right to their door. All packaged up in a cute box with a personalized note from you. We have curated snack boxes with unique, hard to find snacks that are also packed with the good stuff. And yes, they even include chocolate! Shop here (and if you have a lot of people on your gift list, check out our corporate and large order giving program here).

Support Their Hobbies.

   Lockdown for many has been a chance to take up a new hobby. From raising chickens to baking sourdough to getting a new puppy, your friends and family are finding new ways to entertain themselves. Help them expand their hobby with a new book, an accessory, or handy supplies for whatever they’re trying out. Better yet, send them a whole beginners’ kit so they can learn something new.

Go Digital.

   As our lives have moved online, digital subscriptions and services have expanded to help us in every corner. But those subscriptions can add up if you’re on a limited budget. Do the people in your life love audiobooks or podcasts? Are they still happy to binge on Netflix or Apple TV? Or do they really want that Zoom or Adobe upgrade so they can use a cool background and up their graphics? Do they want to learn a new language or take a cool online college course? Are they missing their in-person gym membership? Gift them a month or two subscription or even just a simple boost in data capacity will make your teens and college-aged kids happy.

   Beyond digital, an electronics upgrade in headphones, mics, or ring lights will make every Zoomer and TikToker happy! Just make sure what you order is compatible with the devices they already have.

Go Local.

   The small businesses all around us have been the hardest hit with the shutdowns. Many of them have revamped their services to include delivery so this is a great way to help them out while gifting your local friends and family. Send a gift card or order up supper delivery or a fresh floral bouquet.

Get Personal.

   Many of our neighbors actually have less time right now because they’re an essential worker or have extra work because of home schooling or caring for elderly parents. Sharing your time with them is probably one of the most valuable things you can do. Offer to mow their lawn, run some errands, cook a meal, babysit for a few hours, or help out with any other chores that have fallen by the wayside.

Share Your Skills.

   What are you good at? Photography, cooking, gardening, knitting? Whatever it is, now would be a great time to share those skills with your people. Create your own little mini-class through Zoom or set up a socially distanced teaching session. This gives you all some good social time and also is a great way to connect with the grandkids through a mutual experience.

   Don't forget to treat yourself. Yes, you can order a snack box and deliver it to your own door!

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