Who did You Forget on your Holiday Gift List? (Download this list!)

gift delivery holiday checklist vegan gift ideas

Hopefully by this point in the year you have most of your gifts bought, wrapped, and delivered or ready to go! What, you don’t!?!? Welcome to the club! Let’s get that gift list checked off right now! (Click here for a downloadable list).

We all have so many wonderful people in our lives who make our days easier and support us and our families in everything we do. These folks don’t always get the thank you they deserve so why not use the holidays to send them a little something or even a nice handwritten thank you note? Let your kids help – it’s a great teaching lesson and everyone loves a handmade note from their favorite children!

You don’t have to gift them something big and extravagant and, in fact, a homemade goodie or thoughtful thank you note is enough to show your appreciation!

Of course, we think a healthful, nutritious little bag of treats also works quite well and we’ve made up a special Vegan Sweets Gift Bag that works perfectly. This little burlap bag with a bow and tag has just enough treats to make their day and also makes a great stocking stuffer!

We’d also like to encourage you, if you’re able, to remember the nonprofits serving your communities . . . especially food shelves and other organizations helping those out of work due to the pandemic. They can all use donations right now to get through the coming months.

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