Thank You Treats for Delivery Drivers (with downloadable sign).

delivery driver gifts downloadable holiday sign thank you packages

Order our snack kits here (choose from Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Keto, and All-Natural)

And download the Thank You pdf here (or click image below)

 How many people come to your door these days with packages? (It’s okay to admit it, we’re all ordering from home!) These past few months have been so hard for these essential workers and the holidays just pile on even more! Yet they do their job with a smile even though they are under high stress circumstances plus adverse weather plus stray dogs plus slippery sidewalks plus cranky homeowners!

We couldn’t do without them here at The Good Grocer!

Why not set up a little refreshing thank you station for them on your front step or by your mailbox? We saw this idea on Pinterest and we just had to share with you! We’ve even made it super easy with our ready-to-go and super healthy snack assortments and a downloadable sign you can print out and prop up by the snacks (weatherproof it by slipping it inside a plastic protective sleeve). Add a few bottles of water or energy drinks and you’ll have a happy delivery person!

If you really want to up your thank you game, deliver another box (or two) to the sorting facility or mail center closest to you. Those folks sort and fill the trucks and don’t always get the credit they deserve.


And thank you from all of us at The Good Grocer for all you delivery workers out there! You keep us going!

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