Five Thoughtful Get Well Soon Gifts

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When someone we love falls ill, we want to do everything we can to help them feel better! These days that love must come from afar but there lots of thoughtful ways to wish someone a speedy recovery.

Try these five ideas for sending a Get Well Soon Package.

  1. Good nutrition speeds recovery! While it’s tempting to send candy or sugary treats, the recovering patient really needs good, healthy food. (Sidenote: did you know Vitamin C is a crucial component for healing??). This becomes even more challenging if the recipient is on a special diet. And while they’re laid up, they definitely don’t want to read labels or go shopping. Let The Good Grocer help you out here! We have a curated, nutrition packed snack boxes that work for those on Gluten- or Dairy-Free, Vegan, and Keto or Paleo diets. All packaged up beautifully with a customized note from you and delivered right to their door. Shop here.
  2. Flowers are always a plus! This gift does double duty because you will instantly brighten your friend’s day plus if you’re careful to order small business local, you’ll also be supporting an independent business person who has likely lost business due to the pandemic. Just make sure your giftee isn’t allergic to pollen!
  3. Uplifting books or easy puzzles to pass the time. Snuggling under a cozy blanket with a good book is a comfort to anyone but especially so when you just can’t watch any more Netflix. Choose light, easy reading that’s easy to put down and pick up again. Or opt for a calming adult coloring book (be sure to include markers). And for those ready for a bit more challenge, add in a crossword puzzle or sudoku puzzle book.
  4. Happy memories. When was the last time you actually printed a photo?? Take a little time and upload your mutually loved photos, print out and frame or assemble into a photo album. Include a handwritten note of get well wishes and pop in the mail. We know, this is super old school but your happy face will definitely cheer up your friends and family.
  5. Share some time. For anyone on an extended recovery journey, keeping up with household tasks is a challenge. And with the current risk factors of going out, it’s even harder to get groceries and necessities. If you’re able, offer to help for a couple hours around the house or running errands.  

Don’t forget all those folks convalescing in care facilities and their caregivers! Any of the above gifts will work for them too. Check first that they can receive gifts and, if possible, include some handwritten notes or artwork from your kids. Many care centers love small gift bags with travel size tissues, hand sanitizer, lotion, and other small toiletries to hand out to new residents.

The Good Grocer can also help you ship more than one gift at a time – even to multiple locations. During the pandemic this has been a really popular gift choice for hospitals, schools, first responders, and care centers. Just click here to learn more about our corporate gift program.

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